HP Deskjet 970cxi 드라이버 다운로드 무료 (ver. 4.­3)

이 페이지에서 언제나 무료 다운로드 HP Deskjet 970cxi 드라이버 하실 수 있습니다 프린터.

HP Deskjet 970cxi (ver. 4.­3) ZIP SELF-EXTRACTING 배포일 2002.02.08.

180 회 다운로드 되었으며 9690 회 조회되었습니다.

브랜드 HP
Deskjet 970cxi
운영 체제 Windows NT
버젼 4.­3
파일 크기 7.6 Mb
배포일 2002.02.08
검색 & 다운로드

HP Deskjet 970cxi 드라이버를 검색한 후 다운로드 링크를 준비해 드립니다.

Deskjet 970Cse/­Cxi printer software: Home users for Parallel Cable Caution: The printer's cable (USB or Parallel) must be unplugged before proceeding! Installation instructions: Create a new folder on the hard drive: c:\dj970 before downloading the printer driver.­ Download the driver to the newly created c:\dj970 folder.­ Open the c:\dj970 folder and double-click on the downloaded "exe" file.­ Once the files are loaded and the "hp deskjet 970c series" screen displays,­ proceed to step 6.­ If this screen does not display,­ continue with the next step to manually open the screen.­ Setup screen will show up automatically.­ If not,­ double-click on the c:\dj970\win_­nt folder to open the 3 letter language folder.­ For example,­ the English driver will display an "enu" folder.­ Double-click on the "setup.­exe" file to start the installation program.­ Click the "Install hp deskjet 970c series printer software" icon button.­ Files will now be loaded.­ Follow the instructions on the installer screens to complete the installation.­

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