HP LD4710 Network Sign Manager 드라이버 다운로드 무료 (ver. 1.­0.­0.­0 Rev.­ A)

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Network Sign Manager (ver. 1.­0.­0.­0 Rev.­ A) MSZIP 배포일 2011.08.10.

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브랜드 HP
운영 체제 Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
버젼 1.­0.­0.­0 Rev.­ A
파일 크기 8.28 Mb
파일 종류 MSZIP
배포일 2011.08.10
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Network Sign Manager for HP LD4710 Type: Utility - Tools HP Network Sign Manager is a digital signage solution that allows you to adjust the settings (for example,­ display and power on/­off) of the HP displays connected to the network.­ It also allows you to group the displays,­ play media files,­ and to manage the content playback list and playback schedule.­ For more detailed information about the HP Network Sign Manager,­ see the "HP NSM User Guide.­pdf" in the SoftPaq installation folder.­

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