HP Scanjet 5550c Scanner 소프트웨어 다운로드 무료 (ver. 1.­2)

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HP Scanjet 5550c Scanner (ver. 1.­2) PE 배포일 2002.10.17.

35 회 다운로드 되었으며 5846 회 조회되었습니다.

브랜드 HP
Scanjet 5550c Scanner
운영 체제 Windows 2000, Windows XP
버젼 1.­2
파일 크기 5.66 Mb
파일 종류 PE
배포일 2002.10.17
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Photo and Imaging Software Update,­ v1.­2 for HP Scanjet 5550c Scanner Type: Patch This update is for HP ScanJet Scanners using HP Photo &­ Imaging Software,­ versions 1.­0 and 1.­2.­ The scanners covered by this update are: The ScanJet 2300c,­ The ScanJet 3500c series,­ including the 3500c/­3530c/­3570c/­3570cxi The ScanJet 4500c series,­ including the 4500c/­4500cxi/­4570c/­4570cxi The ScanJet 5500c series,­ including the 5500c/­5500cxi/­5550c/­5550cxi This sj753mu.­exe (version 1.­2) replaces the previous sj753**.­exe (version 1.­0),­ which was posted in July 2002.­ The previous version only supported the 2300 and 3500 series of scanners.­ This update: Fixes a problem that causes an internal error in the Photo and Imaging software when saving a scan as a PDF file on Windows XP and 2000 systems.­ (This problem should only happen with the sj2300c and sj3500c series.­) Disables an erroneous text options dialog box from appearing after saving a scan to a TXT file on Asian language versions of the software.­ This problem occurs on all supported versions of Windows.­ Please close the HP Photo &­ Imaging software prior to installing this update.­ Choose the file you want to download to your system.­ In the 'save as' dialogue,­ you will be prompted to select the folder (subdirectory) where you want the file downloaded.­ Once the file is downloaded,­ double-click on the file,­ the software will decompress and then install automatically.­

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